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CD50® is an timber preservative oil, designed to penetrate deeply into any species of timber, and protect the timber from within.

CD50® gives resistance against decay, rot, fungus, mould and termites. 
It provides water repellency and controls warping, cupping and splitting of the timber, known technically as "dimensional stability".

CD50® is a clear product, and when used on timber without a colourtone, the timber will silver with age to produce a natural weathered appearance.

CD50®'s specially formulated Colourtones can be added to the clear product to enhance and maintain the natural timber character and colour. Colourtones are available in a wide range of vibrant colours.

CD50® works deep in the timber and is not a surface film forming product. It will not crack, peel or flake.

 CD50 Tehnical Data Sheets                CD50 Colour Range 


SARAClean is the product we use to restore silvered, grey, blackened, mouldy timber back to near the original appearance.

SARA-CLEAN is an amazingly effective and safe product used for cleaning many different surfaces. It will remove dirt, grime, salt, mould and algae from decks, houses, and numerous other outdoor surfaces.

SARA-CLEAN is used to clean down and prepare surfaces before applying CD50®.

SARA-CLEAN is extremely safe for the environment, for animals, humans and vegetation. It is non-flammable, non hazardous and biodegradable.

SARA-CLEAN will not harm plants, rubber, glass, aluminium, paint or most common surfaces. NB - SARAClean will not remove film formers, stains, paints or products. They must be stripped off (see below).

SARAClean Technical Data Sheets


SupaStrip Plus

SupaStrip Plus is a non-flammable, heavy duty gel paint stripper for professional use only. This product is used to remove paint or film forming products from a timber surface. We recommend this is carried out only by experienced restoration professionals.

SupaStrip Plus will remove all old stains and paints, bringing the surface back to its original state. Then CD50 can be applied.

SuperStrip Plus Technical Data Sheets